Magnetic calendars

Magnetic calendar – a product that is going to be visible on your clients refrigerator all year long. Every time while checking the date or adding a note on the calendar, client will remember you.

It’s not only a souvenir, but also a practical product which is usable everyday.

Magnetic calendar technical information:

  • Magnetic part can be changed by your personal model;
  • You can add contact information, logo or other important information on the magnet front side;
  • Product measurements: 78×143 mm;
  • Calendar consists of 12 pages and a cardboard back (spalvingumas 2+0)
  • We can pack magnetic calendars into bags

Other information:

Calendar is made from detachable pages, thats why every month a new page is going to be visible where you can add notes.

If standard calendar form or format isn‘t satisfying – we can suggest custom offer with your specific measurements, shapes and fully personalized pages.