Magnetic notepad

Magnetic notepad with detachable pages – a souvenir that is like a notebook and will always find its place. Usually it is going to be seen on a refrigerator, dishwasher or magnetic board. Every time while adding a note, client will remember you. Magnetic notepad can be used for shopping list, so this is great promotional tool for food products.

This product is great for business and personal gifts.

Magnetic notepad technical information:

  • Magnetic part and detachable pages can be adjusted individually;
  • Add you contact information, logo and other important information;
  • Product measurements: 60×60 + 75 mm., 78x48x100 mm., and more available selections;
  • Writing pad can consist 15-20 pages
  • Pages can be colorful, black and white or plain
  • We can pack magnetic writing pads in bags

Other information

Writing pad consists of detachable pages so when one page is fully written it can be detached and start a new one.

If standard writing tab form and format isn‘t satisfying – we can suggest individual offers with your specific measurements, shapes and fully personalized pages.