Post printing

Post printing work are being done after printing process when the main product needs to complete it. We make all kinds of post-printing work such as:

Laminating – using clear or matt sheets to protect the product from environment affects so that the product would look brand new for as long as possible.

Creasing is used to get a bending line. Making bending lines with creasing machine helps paper to bend more easily and the paper doesn’t break.

Perforation – is making lines at which the made product can be easily ripped.

Hot foil – it’s when a piece of the product (paper, cardboard) surface is covered with foil.

Figurine die-cutting– when a printed product gets a unique shape that strengthens its esthetic presentation.

Bending print work – it’s used for making brochures and other print work. Paper can be bended which mass is not bigger than 150 g/m2.

Indentation, other known as embossing – it’s making a relief on a paper. Deboss/embossing can be made on variety of papers.