Printing services

Digital printing printing services is one of the most popular ways of printing that takes the majority part of printing market. This way of printing ensures high quality print work, wide color range and subtle halftones. Our print work well shows small elements. Digital press can be print in small quantities when the print job needs to be done fast.

The most valued advantages of this specific print way is the high quality, small preparation costs and high productivity.

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Digital and offset press products:

  • Presentative products: brochures, business cards, catalogs, posters,
  • Cards, folders, notebooks, carbonless paper,
  • Envelopes with print work
  • Letterheads,
  • Lottery tickets,
  • Variety of calendars;
  • And all kinds of other products.

Offset press

To print using offset press is useful while printing big quantities.

Paper size can be bigger (A2, B2, B1) while printing offset way.