Business cards

We make business cards which remains the primary tool of sharing your contacts. Business cards are usually given in meetings or exhibitions. For the best price and quality offer – contact us while filling in the contact form or via phone call.

Business cards standards:

  • Classing business card size is 90x50mm, but as the time passes by, more and more popular different business cards sizes become, such as: 85×55, 80×55 and other formats.
  • Usually 350gsm silk or gloss paper is used, but to stand out more, clients like to switch – it – up and use decorative, ecological or colored paper.
  • Business cards coloring can be one-sided (4+0), both-sided (4+4), black and white 1+0 or 1+1.
  • Business cards amount is not limited, starting from 50 and ending with the amount that client needs.

Extra offers for business cards:

Digital or offset business cards can be additionally customized:

  • Laminated with gloss, matt or soft-touch film.
  • Certain parts of the business card (such as logo, name or other elements) can be spot UV covered to stand out more;
  • It’s available to make one, few or all edges round.