Greeting cards

We are able to make greeting cards, which are usually used for congratulating for all kinds of celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, company’s birthdays and similar celebrations.

We can design and print postcards with silkscreen print, offset or digital print.

The best offer you will receive is when you will contact us personally.

Postcard standards:

  • Usually postcards that bends are made with these formats: 10×20 bended (20×20 non-bended), 14×14 bended (14×28 non-bended), 15×10 bended (15×20 non-bended).
  • Paper: 300-350 silk or gloss paper.
  • Creasing is being used while making postcards so that the paper wouldn’t break and the bending line would look great.
  • If you want a postcard without bending, we can easily make it happen.

Exclusive postcards are printed on decorative paper. In addition, postcard can be laminated, varnished, with hot foil, deboss.