Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are a very import attribute of a wedding. We do wedding invitations starting from making a design to the final product. Wedding invitations are printed on decorative paper and for envelopes we use variety shapes of cutting. These types of invitations requires to notice every detail.

Usually along with the wedding invitations, clients add other press work such as: information cards, maps and other similar press work.

Wedding invitations and their types:

  • Postcard invitations – minimalist invitation, when the information needs to fit on a A6 or A7 size paper.
  • Bended invitations – standard invitation with bending, which can be sent via post or give personally.
  • Invitation – Envelope – these types of invitations don’t require a special envelope because the invitation itself is envelope shape and is closed. The tip of the envelope can be glued with a sticker or a wax print.
  • Invitation with a box – it’s an exclusive product that comes with a box in which a client can put small gifts such as candies.

Every invitation can be specially made based on specific person or pair. To create an exclusive invitation, it is possible to use special post-printing work such as – figure cut, gilding with silver or gold foil, UV shiny lamination, initial seal on paper.

Other wedding press work:

Often wedding invitation is the first presswork that is ordered, but a client shouldn’t forget that style needs to be maintained also on other press work too such as:

  • Table cards   – cards with people names
  • Sitting plans – bigger format, usually A3 size poster with a scheme of where guest will be sitting.
  • Guest wishing book.
  • Photo books – best way to commemorate your wedding moments.

That’s why you can contact us with all kinds of wedding questions – we will advise you what kind of paper you should pick, what print way (silk screen print or digital print) is the best for your order. If you will contact us, we will give you the best prince and quality offer.