Screen printing

Screen printing – it’s a widely used printing way to print on variety of materials and surfaces. We are able to print on various materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, specific materials, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, PVC film and etc.

Prints made with silkscreen can be put on unique, decorative paper and cardboard.

Screen printing and its resistance

  • Screen printing is resistant of environmental effects, that’s why it’s great to use outdoors;
  • We print with UV ink and curing technology, half automatic print machines, that’s why our print work stands out with its high quality and newest screen printing technologies;
  • UV print technology has a bigger resistance for environmental effects: friction, water and direct sunlight.

Information about screen printing

Silkscreen print is frequently used for these print products:

  • PVC stickers;
  • Business cards;
  • Scratch layer (lotteries);
  • UV lacquering;
  • Plastic production;
  • Labels.

Silkscreen print is covered on flat surfaces. For a unique effect it is possible to use few layers of paint.

If you are planning to order products that are going to be printed with silkscreen print – the best print quality will be made while printing with vector elements and files made with specific tools such as: CorelDraw, Ilustrator.

It is worth to research how to properly make print ready – layouts.